About Syntho

Founded in 2020, Syntho is the Amsterdam based startup that is revolutionizing the tech industry with AI-generated synthetic data. As leading provider of synthetic data software, Syntho’s mission is to empower businesses worldwide to generate and leverage high-quality Synthetic Data at scale. Through our innovative solutions, we are accelerating the data revolution by unlocking privacy-sensitive data and dramatically reducing the time required to obtain relevant (sensitive) data. By doing so, we aim to foster an open data economy where information can be freely shared and utilized without compromises on privacy.


What we do: AI Generated Synthetic Data at scale

Syntho, through its Syntho Engine, is the leading provider of Synthetic Data software and is committed to enable businesses worldwide to generate and utilize high-quality Synthetic Data at scale. By making privacy-sensitive data more accessible and more rapidly available, Syntho enables  organizations to accelerate the adoption of data-driven innovation. Accordingly, Syntho is winner of the prestigious Philips Innovation Award, Unesco’s Challenge at VivaTech and is listed as Generative AI startup “to watch” by NVIDIA. So, why use real data when you could use synthetic data? Feel free to contact us or to visit our stand (standnumber 30) at the event.

AI Generated Synthetic Data - Syntho



- Syntho is winner of the Philips Innovation Award: 

- Syntho is shortlisted by NVIDIA is generative AI startup to watch:

- Syntho is winner of the Global SAS Hackathon in healthcare and lifescience:




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As startup, Syntho has ambitious plans in the upcoming years and we’re growing really fast. Want to grow your career and be at the forefront of data-driven innovation? Then we’re looking for you! From recent graduates to tech and commercial professionals, we have a range of open positions located in Amsterdam.

Ready to make an impact from day one? Take a look at our vacancies on our website or visit us at the event!

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