Challenges in renewable energy forecasting at scale

DIN 16:30 - 17:00

Zaal 4

Forecasting renewable energy is a challenging, yet very exciting and interesting problem!

We will introduce and brainstorm about challenges we encounter when forecasting short-term electricity generation for many (100's - 1000's of) wind- and solar parks.

What to expect:

In this talk, we will:
- Give an introduction to the electricity markets & why forecasting is so important.
- Give a high level overview of Dexter’s machine learning architecture for renewable energy forecasting.
- Brainstorm about practical challenges we encounter when scaling forecasts to many wind turbines and many solar parks.

After this talk we hope you take away:

- Some basic understanding of the electricity markets.

- Inspiration on how to tackle challenges associated with machine learning at a large scale.

Suitable audience:
Although the challenges we discuss will be technical in nature (focusing on data , data science and engineering), the talk will be suitable for anyone having an interest in any of these topics and no specific technical knowledge is needed beforehand, although basic understanding of data science and engineering would be useful.