Data transformations without Data Engineering? How Agrico builds dashboards in no time with Analytics Engineering

DIN 12:45 - 13:15

Zaal 2

Digital Power

In this session, Mark and Iga take you through the data transformation of Agrico, one of the largest potato producers in the Netherlands.

Analytics Engineering
With the advent of Analytics Engineering, Agrico is no longer dependent on the Data Engineer. An Analytics Engineer can make additions and changes to the data structure as well as analyse and visualise the data. Through the feedback loop, stakeholders can easily provide input and this can be processed immediately. Thus, quick iterations in the data structure are made in no time.

Concrete takeaways
Among other things, learn more about the feedback loop and the implementation of analytics engineering within the data platform to generate data models and visualisations efficiently.

Digital Power as data partner
Digital Power helps Agrico implement Analytics Engineering, generate efficient data models and create dashboards. On this basis, Agrico has direct insight into stocks, financial data and can make predictions for future harvests.