Empowering renewable electricity grids with flexibility using data & AI

DIN 16:00 - 16:30

Zaal 5

Sympower is accelerating the global transition towards net zero by balancing the supply and demand of electricity across international energy networks. An in-house software platform connects to thousands of industrial IoT assets, such as greenhouse lights, electric vehicles and machines at paper mills. By controlling their flexible electricity demand, commonly reacting within a second, Sympower counters the imbalances on the grid fundamental to the growing supply of renewable energy. There are many data and AI challenges to overcome, such as predicting precisely how much electricity Sympower can control when and where. Working with many different countries, partners and standards, data needs to be brought together to create one central, coherent data overview.

In this talk, we will first set the context in order to get a feeling for the sustainable energy use case. Ellissa will explain how commercial and industrial parties can adapt towards the energy transition by participating in demand-response services that balance the grid. She will show how independent aggregators, such as Sympower, combine data, software and hardware, in order to provide an end-to-end solution that combines the inherent flexibility of such parties. Doing so, this distributed flexibility is offered as one to the different flexibility markets. Then, Ellissa will then deep dive on how the data team at Sympower, only 7 people in size, set themselves up for success in working both on AI-forecasts and BI/analytics capabilities within Sympower; all on one data platform, collaborating with different stakeholders across the company. Particularly, she will discuss the set-up and challenges of the AI-based, automatic forecasting services and analytics dashboards required to bid flexibility in different energy markets.

Deze presentatie wordt mogelijk gemaakt door Xebia.