How Integrated Data Management, Reporting and Decarbonization accelerates your journey to net zero in 2030 and beyond.

WOE 12:45 - 13:15

Zaal 4


The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive will become mandatory and imposes chal-lenges to organizations relating from Data Management, Reporting Disclosure and Decarboniza-tion. This presentation discusses requirements on Data Management, Complex Carbon Account-ing and how to drive Decarbonization. To be able to leveraging advanced AI and Analytics for what-if simulations and Decision Optimization is critical.
This presentation will focus on the integrated IBM Sustainability Platform and how your organiza-tion will benefit from advanced Data Management, Complex Carbon Accounting and driving De-carbonization leveraging advanced AI and analytics for what-if Simulations and Decision Optimi-zation.

You will learn how analytics embeds sustainability into daily operations and plays an integral role in accelerating your journey to net zero by creating more accurate and refined operational pro-cesses while reducing unnecessary waste, driving better sustainability and business outcomes.