A practical approach to use big data and customer technology for customer centricity, cases included!

WOE 12:45 - 13:15

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Customer data has become one of the most valuable assets for any organization. It is the foundation upon which effective marketing strategies are built, personalized customer experiences are designed, and sustainable business growth is achieved. However, the sheer volume, velocity, and variety of customer data generated today present significant challenges. Businesses need a robust customer technology ecosystem to navigate these complexities and unlock the full potential of both customer and enterprise data combined. Enter the Customer Data Platform (CDP). This presentation will help you understand, implement, and leverage CDPs, with a particular focus on the offerings from Google Cloud Platform. This presentation aims to bridge the world of CDP and your business, demystifying the concept, elucidating its benefits, and providing actionable insights into its application.
Starting with a clear definition of what a CDP is, I delve into why your business needs one. As I progress, I outline the key actions to take, revealing what a CDP brings and presenting various use cases.

I then deep dive into the primary functions of a CDP, detailing how it can centralize customer data, clean and enrich it, create unified profiles, maintain consistent identity resolution, and much more. I share best practices for key functions such as real-time data processing, identity resolution, quality assurance, and marketing optimizations.

I explore the main features of a CDP, the principles of technical design, and the various ways to leverage AI/ML. You will learn about the distinctions between headless/composable CDP and packaged CDP, the broader ecosystem, and the scope of a modern CDP that extends beyond just customer data. I also provide an in-depth view of the architectural underpinnings of a CDP, detailing how data flows through it across four stages: collection, transformation, analysis, and activation.

Finally, I will show how you can incrementally develop the CDP starting with one use case and then building more cases.

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    Digital Innovation & datadriven enterprises

    Digital Innovation is misschien wel dé manier waarop retailers succesvol kunnen zijn en blijven in een veranderend winkellandschap vol consumenten die zich steeds minder voorspelbaar lijken te gedragen. Retailers proberen in toenemende mate winkelervaringen te personaliseren. Data-analyse is daarbij één van de hulpmiddelen. Investeren in IT, sturen op data en toewerken naar een hoge NPS hoort hierbij. Tijdens de Big Data Expo zijn bedrijven en leveranciers aanwezig die kunnen helpen bij het uitrollen van een strategie of systeem dan wel het aan elkaar knopen van IT-tools die leiden tot betere interactie met klanten in winkels of via webshop.