Schiphol's journey towards an emissions baseline, thereby strengthening its Twin Transition roadmap.

DIN 14:30 - 15:00

Zaal 5

During this presentation, Schiphol will extensively discuss their quest for an emission baseline. The reliable and automated unlocking of emission data is a crucial challenge within Schiphol's sustainability objectives. Schiphol is eager to share their insights and learnings on this complex issue. They have proactively addressed these challenges within the organization, gaining valuable experience and establishing new decision-making structures and collaborations across departments and processes.

The presentation provides an in-depth perspective on the practical challenges (and solutions) of data collection and data access in the dynamic airport environment. Learn how Schiphol aims to utilize data integration, quality, and analysis to support sustainability goals.

Schiphol will also highlight the cross pollination of international sustainability regulations, and how they have supported them in strengthening their sustainability and Twin Transition agenda. Ultimately, Schiphol sees this movement as an excellent opportunity to better position their Twin Transition roadmap as an integral part of their operations.