Seamlessly Connecting Data and Streaming it in Real Time with Data Lake Technology

DIN 14:30 - 15:00

Zaal 1


In order to become more data driven, DAF Used Trucks looked to improve the amount and quality of data that it collects and analyzes. On its way to achieving this, however, it struggled with the fact that its data was scattered across different systems within the organization.

To overcome this challenge, DAF Used Trucks joined forces with Amsterdam-based AI consultancy Xomnia in a collaborative project that went from strategy setting all the way to execution. The collaboration spanned:
1) Setting a comprehensive data strategy and road map.
2) Establishing a cloud-agnostic streaming Data Lakehouse that seamlessly connects all data sources and consumers.
3) Finally, implementing data-driven use cases to optimize different business processes.

Join the presentation by DAF Used Trucks and Xomnia to know more about how we’re bringing together scattered data into one system that can stream real-time data to all of DAF Used Truck’s business applications (asset management, ecommerce, marketing automation, etc), and can host machine learning solutions (dynamic pricing, recommender systems, etc.)