Unleashing the Power of Data: Elevating Business Intelligence to Intelligent Business

DIN 12:00 - 12:45


Aside from the general buzz of Big Data and AI, there is little practical know-how about the vision of transforming business intelligence into intelligent business. This is precisely where Shell's groundbreaking Next-Gen Data Platform comes into play, turning the concept of Data as a Product from vision to reality.

Shell's journey toward this transformative platform is rooted in its unwavering commitment to innovation. By seamlessly integrating traditional Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics practices with state-of-the-art technologies like big data warehousing and cloud infrastructure, Shell has effectively rewritten its data narrative. This evolution has been methodically engineered on three pivotal pillars.

Firstly, the migration to a cloud-based ecosystem has unlocked new dimensions of accessibility, scalability, and flexibility. Secondly, the incorporation of DataBricks as a unified platform has shattered the barriers between fragmented data sources, facilitating holistic insights. Lastly, the establishment of a centralized data model, and moving to Data as a Product concept have fortified data management and streamlined operations.

Beyond the technological marvels, the true essence of Shell's data-driven revolution lies in the paradigm shift from passive data consumption to data product creation. This is supported by the notion of Data as a Product – a strategic asset to be harnessed for innovation and growth.

In this session, we will provide a view of the future opportunities of data with examples of Shell’s data ecosystem. We will explain why businesses must consider data as a product to find new business models in the digital and mobility space. We will also discuss the challenges of building data products and the evolution of the data landscape. Furthermore, we will also discuss how they are fostering a data engineering culture within Shell to enable businesses to automate and scale much more quickly and effectively, and to access any data, anywhere, at any time!

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    Digital Innovation & datadriven enterprises

    Digital Innovation is misschien wel dé manier waarop retailers succesvol kunnen zijn en blijven in een veranderend winkellandschap vol consumenten die zich steeds minder voorspelbaar lijken te gedragen. Retailers proberen in toenemende mate winkelervaringen te personaliseren. Data-analyse is daarbij één van de hulpmiddelen. Investeren in IT, sturen op data en toewerken naar een hoge NPS hoort hierbij. Tijdens de Big Data Expo zijn bedrijven en leveranciers aanwezig die kunnen helpen bij het uitrollen van een strategie of systeem dan wel het aan elkaar knopen van IT-tools die leiden tot betere interactie met klanten in winkels of via webshop.