Working with Generative AI: A.Identity — A Symphony of Bytes and Beats

WOE 16:00 - 16:30

Zaal 8

A.Identity is a spellbinding musical collaboration that fuses the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence with the primal allure of human drumbeats. This captivating duet is the brainchild of Hesling Reidinga, the visionary founder of The Wolfgang Project, and Wout Arets, a percussionist with over 25 years of experience. Together, they offer both a live performance and an engaging dialogue, unraveling the intricacies of their artistic process, the synergy between machine and man, and the intricate balance between creativity and control.

Hesling Reidinga's Wolfgang Project serves as a creative incubator, harnessing AI technology to push the boundaries of artistic expression and experiential design. In A.Identity, Reidinga utilizes AI to deliver spoken word performances—each word meticulously chosen and sequenced by algorithms, yet infused with the emotional context that only a human can provide. The AI-driven spoken word challenges the conventional norms of poetry and storytelling, offering a fresh narrative style that's both intricate and unpredictable.

Wout Arets, a master percussionist, complements this spoken word with his versatile drumming skills. Over his career, Arets has been relentlessly innovative, constantly on the lookout for new ways to produce and perform music with his drum set. In A.Identity, his drumbeats serve as a powerful auditory tapestry, woven meticulously around the AI-generated spoken words. His percussion not only provides the rhythm but also serves as an emotional compass, guiding the audience through the complexities of the AI-driven narrative.

The collaboration aims to explore the potential and limitations of combining human artistry with machine intelligence. During their performance and accompanying talk, Reidinga and Arets delve into their process, discussing how they bring disparate elements into harmony. They explore the delicate balance required to marry creativity with control, ensuring that the technological aspects enhance rather than hinder the emotional impact of their art.

So why incorporate this cutting-edge technology into their performance art? For Reidinga, AI serves as a tool that unlocks new realms of creativity, opening doors to narrative forms and expressions that were previously unimaginable. For Arets, the technological aspect offers a fresh sonic landscape to navigate, allowing him to push his drumming into new, uncharted territories.

In practical terms, the duo employs AI algorithms that can analyze vast repositories of text, learning to generate spoken word pieces that are both coherent and emotionally resonant. These algorithms are fine-tuned to work in harmony with Arets' drumming, leading to a performance where each element—be it machine-generated or human-made—serves a distinct yet interlocking role.

In summary, A.Identity is more than just a performance; it's an exploration of the future of artistic expression. It's a dialogue between two artists and between mankind and machine, raising poignant questions about the role of technology in art and the ever-blurring boundaries between human and artificial creativity.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Bier dat is gebrouwen op basis van AI of AI inzetten voor het identificeren van dieren. Het zijn slechts twee voorbeelden van waartoe AI in staat is. Aan de basis van AI staat uiteraard een enorme hoeveelheid data. Met behulp van een goede IT-infrastructuur en algoritmes is daarmee tot kunstmatige intelligentie te komen die beslissingen neemt. Op e-commerce vlak zijn er ook veel voorbeelden, waarbij algoritmes in staat zijn om patronen te herkennen en op basis daarvan suggesties te doen of content aan te passen aan bezoekers. Daarmee zijn onder andere verkopen te stimuleren. Feilloos is AI nog niet, maar de ontwikkeling gaat zo hard dat bijblijven noodzakelijk is. Dat kan op de Big Data Expo uitstekend, bezoek een van de vele presentaties en laat u bijpraten!